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Wednesday, 14th October 2015

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Welcome and introduction

Welcome to Toronto, the 40th FIPP World Congress and introduction to the programme.

Doug Knight, President of St. Joseph Communications’ Media Group and FIPP World Congress co-chair, Canada
Mike Hewitt , MD of Adaugeo Media and moderator of the FIPP World Congress, UK
The transformation of Time Inc.
Get an inside view of how this industry giant is transforming to position itself for the future. Hear about the challenges to overcome, the opportunities to exploit and the priorities identified for competing in today and tomorrow’s media world. Learn how lessons can be applied across the industry, and hear what the immediate future holds.
Joe Ripp , Chairman and CEO
Time Inc., USA
When Magazines, Games & Video Collide
Kadokawa Corporation produces various digital and print media products and services, including magazines, books, manga, anime, movies, and games. In October 2014, the company merged with Dwango, the operator of “Nico Nico Douga”, one of Japan’s largest online video platforms and systems companies, to form Kadokawa Dwango Corporation. Hear from a media visionary why it was done, get an update of the progress exactly one year on, and find out what you can learn from their experience.
Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, Chairman
Kadokawa Corp, Japan
100 second pitches
Rainer Heckmann, COO
Censhare, Germany
Mikael Hjelm, Sales Manager Nordic
Holmen Paper, Sweden
Rikard Wallin, Sales Director International Sales
Holmen Paper, Sweden
Gavin Gillas, CEO
The Magazine Channel, USA
Creating a new corporate culture to compete effectively in a digital-first world
How leading magazine media companies are changing their organizational cultures to drive Digital First strategies and compete effectively in a world increasingly dominated by digital natives. New research, exclusively commissioned and conducted for the FIPP World Congress, Peter Kreisky, provides management lessons from the top.
Peter A. Kreisky , Chairman
The Kreisky Media Consultancy, USA
Networking coffee
FIPP Mobile
Healthy Transformation: Using innovation to turn a 70-year-old publisher into a new lifestyle company
Rodale is an established leader in and global voice for health and wellness. It is known for its portfolio of world-class brands like Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Runner’s World and its bestselling books. It is also a business being transformed, fast. Building on its established position, the mission-minded company continues to innovate in the healthy living space as recent developments in e-commerce, digital verticals, events, paid online courses and more attest. But rather than platforms, it is its strong and unwavering focus on health and wellness that drives Rodale Inc. to launch and build on new opportunities. Even in print, including its newest title Organic Life magazine. This is your chance to ‘get inside’ Rodale.
Scott Schulman, President
Rodale, USA
Welcome to FIPP Mobile
Jim Bilton, MD, Wessenden Marketing, and host of FIPP Mobile 

Transforming a 200-year old publisher to become a mobile first powerhouse
Ebner Verlag is aggressively transforming business – in the way it approaches markets and niches, its employees, content and the systems to support it. They’re seeing real success. Gerrit Klein explains how the company is going about developing multi-platform businesses, while Dominik Grau will showcase the massive successes the company has had with transforming WatchTime, a print brand published in several countries, into a mobile-first, luxury brand. In this session, Klein and Grau will provide you with practical “how tos” on multi-platform transformation, on a company-wide and brand-specific level.
Gerrit Klein, CEO
Ebner Verlag, Germany
Dominik Grau , Chief innovation officer
Ebner Media Group, Germany and USA
Jim Bilton, MD , MD
Wessenden Marketing, UK
Fireside chat: Using markets constraints creatively, and how to innovate continually to build a multiplatform media giant
Over the past 29 years, Lynda Reeves has transformed House & Home into a multimedia powerhouse that spans print, digital, TV, books and merchandise. But when she first took on the magazine in 1986, it was in an extremely tough market—working without an income, she celebrated a $1 stock payment three years after she first began. So how did House & Home thrive? Come hear how Lynda’s commitment to multi-platform innovation put House & Home well ahead of the times, and how she’s expanding the magazine’s media empire into mobile and on-demand streaming for their online television show. This is an extraordinary story from a Canadian media icon who has achieved extraordinary things. Get ready to be enthralled.
Lynda Reeves, Founder, president and publisher
House & Home Media, Canada
Host: John Milne
VP of media services at EquiSoft and president of Breakwell & Company, Canada
Creating Native Experiences Across the Mobile Web
Positioned at the intersection of video, social, native & mobile, Unruly uses emotional audience data and inherently viewable video formats to massively increase viewer engagement, brand performance & publisher revenues. With comScore reporting that fewer than half of all video ads are actually seen by users, marketers are searching for ways to create compelling content that is relevant to users and served in brand safe environments. Through its work on both the publisher and advertiser side, Unruly is able to address the needs of both parties while remaining committed to industry best practices.
Kenneth Suh, SVP Global Business Development
Unruly, USA
Fireside chat: Thoughts (and evidence) on how to compete in a world where lines between media are increasingly blurred

What happens when a forward-thinking regional magazine meets a media company with international reach? For Cottage Life and Blue Ant Media, it’s been a fusion of strengths. The Cottage Life brand is a powerhouse of print, consumer shows, licensed products and TV, reaching more than 4.5 million Canadians every month. Blue Ant Media distributes content across TV, mobile, web, print, events and consumer shows, and isn’t afraid to go big: establishing a global content division, investing in a YouTube video network, and operating 11 media brands, among them Cottage Life. Meet the two CEOs who’ve made 1+1=3, and find out how they’re combining print with platforms in a partnership where the lines between media are increasingly blurred.

Michael MacMillan, Co-founder and CEO
Blue Ant Media, Canada
Al Zikovitz, President and CEO
Cottage Life Media, Canada
Host: John Milne
VP of media services at EquiSoft and president of Breakwell & Company, Canada
Scratch your own itch, then scratch theirs
Time Inc. is driving significant change in the way that content is consumed across print and digital. Premium content is king but only if it’s available to consumers where they want it, when they want it and how they want it. The company is rapidly evolving from a print-centric business to a multi-channel distributor of content that connects its brands with people and their passions. What they’ve learned and accomplished can be of significant value to their worldwide partners.
Colin Bodell, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer
Time Inc., USA
Ad Sales Operations for Today, and Tomorrow
Print ads, display ads, programmatic advertising and native advertising. As advertising technologies, formats and platforms change, so do ad operations. So what are the requirements in a multi-platform media world and what are the developing trends? What expertise do you need, and how do you structure sales teams for the modern world … and the future?
Marcus Rich, CEO
Time Inc. UK
Taking mobile app performance from static to sizzling
Top Gear shares how they have tackled the challenge of finding a new way forward transitioning from a digital interpretation of their print product to a dynamic experience that breaks the monthly publishing paradigm, delivers fresh content to readers everyday and is optimising for the one device where users are increasingly spending their time – smartphones. Learn how you can develop this anytime, anywhere touchpoint with readers to scale it into a dynamic, profitable opportunity. 

Introduction: Ivan Mironchuk, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Simon Carrington, Publishing Director for
Top Gear magazine, UK
Networking lunch
FIPP Mobile
Panel: The changing nature of cross-border business and brands (it’s not just the future; it’s the ‘here and now’)

In the past, transcending print brands across borders was constrained by distribution. Brand owners not only required local expertise, but also infrastructure to make cross-border publishing work. The Internet has changed the game, with virtually anyone now able to reach audiences abroad. A panel of experts – in magazine media and in the pureplay environment – discuss what this means for the future of doing business internationally.
Julie Hansen, President
Business Insider, USA
Alexander Broch, Head of international business and licensing
Axel Springer, Germany
David Woodley, Managing Director International
Time Out, UK
Mike Lovell, Meredith Investor Relations/International
Meredith Corporation USA
Moderator: John Cabell, Founder and CEO
Cue Ball, USA
Beyond the home page
With direct traffic to destination websites shrinking, publishers need to develop strategies for creating and distributing content in a post-desktop world. In this session you will hear how Slate, one of modern media’s true innovators, engages audiences beyond its home page, creating and optimizing new types of content for social and mobile platforms.
Jacob Weisberg, Chairman
The Slate Group (, USA
From Washington to Brussels and beyond: the story of Politico
Politico is well known in the US, and many places elsewhere in the world for its incisive, cutting edge journalism and its real impact on global decision-makers. But within the industry it is also known for its sharp commercial development, including offering the likes of Politico Pro, and more recently, in partnership with Axel Springer, launching Politico Europe, its first foray into creating a geography-specific extension of the brand. Get a front row seat as John Harris takes you on the Politico journey.
John Harris, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief
Politico, USA
Fireside chat: Using video, images and more to make the most of the mobile, social, visual web
We are in the midst of a visual revolution online, driven via mobile and social media. But a universal truth remains: one picture says more than a thousand words. In this session we look at how publishers can make the most of the visual web.

Ash Barhamand, Photography Director
Michele Stueven, Assignment Manager: Entertainment
Shutterstock Rex, USA
Host: Sandi McKibbon, Director Account Management Creative Services Group
Rogers Communications, Canada
HuffPost’s path to a global media company
The Huffington Post is the largest news site in the US, a global Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization, the #1 most shared site on Facebook, and a mobile-first technology company. Along the way, it has become a global powerhouse, with 15 editions that span markets with over two-thirds of the world's GDP. Its growth has been rapid – and not accidental. HuffPost's unique partner model has created a global network of media companies, and extended HuffPost's user base to over 200 million. In doing so, it has constructed new model for digital media to expand globally.
Koda Wang, Chief Operating Officer
Huffington Post, USA
Digital Magazines: What is next?
Digital editions have successfully replicated the print world but market forces are changing the magazine distribution model and product. Mobile is disrupting the magazine format and new digital distribution platforms are disrupting magazine brands. How as Publishers do you build relevance and revenue in this new environment?
Kelly Conlin, President
Zinio, USA
Fireside chat: How BuzzFeed builds its global operation
BuzzFeed is investing heavily into building into a truly global media operation, but as the company will readily explain, you cannot treat all markets as equal – each presents vagaries of its own. Hear how BuzzFeed goes about building a digital media business globally, how it analyses user preferences and advertising opportunities in markets, goes about hiring teams in those markets and uses scale and efficiencies to jump start local operations.

Anne Kofol Hogarty, VP of International Business
Buzzfeed, USA
Mike Hewitt , MD of Adaugeo Media and moderator of the FIPP World Congress, UK
Building mobile communities
WeChat, the Internet giant Tencent’s messaging platform, first took China by storm, and is now in the process of rolling out the service worldwide. We hear more about their mobile community building strategies, how it differs from market to market (if at all) and how publishers can work with the platform.
Wei Nie, Mobile Communities Operations Director
WeChat, Tencent, China
Panel: Making language work in an internationalised world
Media owners in multi-cultural environments are seeing success by developing business in languages that speak to the heart of its consumers, and to the heads of its advertisers. A panel of experts discuss the role of language in building successful businesses.

Brought to you by the Reader’s Digest Foundation of Canada 
Robert Goyette, Editor-in-Chief
Reader’s Digest/Sélection
Carole Beaulieu, Publisher and editor-in-chief
L’actualité, Canada
Ruth Devlin, Executive Editor
Studio Classroom Magazine Group, Chinese Taipei
Balasubramanian (Srini) Srinivasan, Managing Director
Vikatan Group, India
Host: Tom Gierasimczuk, Publisher & GM
Vancouver and Western Living, Canada
Why Burda, targeting verticals with 360º models, is upbeat about the future
Burda International publishes and/or have licenses for its brands in 18 markets – markets ranging from Germany, to Spain, to the US and Brazil. Using Burda Style as a case study for building a multi-platform business, Frances Evans and Ian Levy explain why verticals make multi-platform sense.
Frances Evans, Director international licensing & advertising
Burda International, Germany
Ian Levy, CEO
Burda Brazil and Burda Iberia, Brazil
Networking coffee break
UPM panel: The enduring power of print
Despite prophets of doom and gloom, print remains in many sectors a crucial arrow in publishers’ bow. In this panel discussion we consider when, where and why print continues to succeed, why in a world of online bombardment it can provide an ideal offline escape and how three publishers are making print work for them, wonderfully.

James Oseland, Editor-in-chief
Rodale’s Organic Life, USA
Joyce Nieuwenhuijs, Brand director
Flow magazine (Sanoma), The Netherlands
Dan Wakeford, Deputy Editor
People and, USA
Host: Ruud van den Berg, SVP of Magazine Publishing & Advertising
UPM, Germany
Panel: The role of the editor: what's changed and what's next?
Audiences are changing their media consumption habits, social distribution platforms are stronger than ever before, technology impacts on the way editorial teams work and on the roles they play, and then there’s data like never before, in many instances overtaking editorial gut feel in the decision-making process. Against this background, we discuss the changing role of editors and the changes impacting their editorial teams – from the new skill sets required to the restructuring of teams, from collaborating with commercial partners to working alongside data scientists and developers. We ask a top panel of global Editors their thoughts on publishing across platforms, their attitude towards social, where print now fits into their changing world, and whether great content alone is enough to sustain and build a powerful worldwide brand.

Ariel Foxman, Editorial director
InStyle and StyleWatch, USA
Olivier Royant, Editor-in-Chief
Paris Match, France
Linda Mali, Editor
BONA magazine, South Africa
Moderator: Barry McIlheney, CEO
5 innovations that impressed us most so far this year – a whirlwind tour
Innovation Media Consulting’s Juan Senor and John Wilpers, editors of the FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media World Report, take delegates on a whirlwind tour focusing on the top magazine innovations from around the world that impressed them most so far in 2015, a tour that will inspire you to want more. Fortunately, Juan and John will also hosts of the Innovation Forum on Day 2 of the Congress, where they will use brand case studies to deep-dive into innovations that can make a difference to your companies and brands today.
Juan Senor, Partner
Innovation Media Consulting and co-host of FIPP Innovation, UK
John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting Innovation Media Consulting and FIPP Innovation co-host
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