From Vegas to Hollywood: Make the most of your time with FIPP

Hollywood’s storytelling roots have intertwined with technology and it is now the largest video and VR hub in the world. In turn new social media influencers, who have larger and more loyal followings than traditional celebrities, are acting like publishers and attracting bigger and bigger ad budgets.

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Striving for common success

Chia Lun Huang, Director of Transformation and Learning at Taiwan’s most trusted financial title, Commonwealth, explains how she is helping drive the digital transformation of the organisation as well as the title…

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Driving licenses

Specialised content has always had great appeal when it comes to licensing and syndication. FIPP World Media Congress speaker Tim Hudson, Director of International Licensing and Syndication at Immediate Media Co, explains the current market trends – and what’s likely to be the next big play around international licensing.

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Meet the Congress sponsors

Not only a place to learn from industry experts and network with global peers, this year’s FIPP World Media Congress, taking place in Las Vegas from 14-16 November, also offers attendees the chance to meet and do business with our sponsors on the ‘FIPP Strip’.

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How will AI really transform the media world?

For a long time lauded as the way to automate large parts of the industry, AI is, according to Lindsay Silver, VP of Product at Condé Nast, finally coming of age – and AI 2.0 will have plenty to offer beyond simply taking tasks away from the editors.

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Publisher pressure

As one of the longest-serving editors of People Magazine and now a partner/consultant with 10Ten Media, an editorial creation agency in Manhattan, Larry Hackett is perfectly placed to address some of the issues publishers are facing today. He tells FIPP how contraction in the market has created an interesting new trend for outsourcing – and why publishers’ issues around distribution are set to run.

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Africa: a digital coming of age

Africa’s lack of internet access has been well documented in recent years. However, growing access across the continent, together with a rapid uptake in smartphone use, is spurring publishers to change direction…

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